Our Services

GeoStructures offers a wide range of professional services in the geotechnical engineering and construction monitoring fields. All of our work is backed by an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and practicality.

Concrete Laboratory Testing
Construction Monitoring
Dams Analysis & Rehabilitation
Environmental Assessments
Foundation Investigation & Design
Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
Highway and Bridge Geotechniques
Lime and Cement Stabilization
Mine Subsidence Analysis & Remediation
Pavement Design & Rehabilitation
Percolation/Permeability In-Situ Testing
Pond and Lagoon Liners Design
Research and Special Studies
Sinkhole Evaluation & Remediation
Slope/Retaining Wall Evaluation & Design
Soil Improvement Technologies
Soil-Structure Interaction
Subsurface Investigations
Soil-Structure Interaction and Finite Element Applications
(Static and Dynamic)

Our extensive expertise in soil-structure interaction, constitutive modeling and the geotechnical applications of the finite element method (FEM) enable us to better understand and optimize complex foundations, braced excavations, slopes and retaining systems, embankments, dams and pavements. Yet no amount of modeling and sophisticated analyses can account for missing key subsurface factors. Therefore, before accurately modeling any given project, we place significant emphasis on subsurface site characterization to identify its critical and unique subsurface factors. This is the main distinguishing feature of our work and what truly sets us apart. Our expertise in this area of practice includes:

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