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GeoStructures offers a wide range of professional services in the geotechnical engineering and construction monitoring fields. All of our work is backed by an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and practicality.

Concrete Laboratory Testing
Construction Monitoring
Dams Analysis & Rehabilitation
Environmental Assessments
Foundation Investigation & Design
Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
Highway and Bridge Geotechniques
Lime and Cement Stabilization
Mine Subsidence Analysis & Remediation
Pavement Design & Rehabilitation
Percolation/Permeability In-Situ Testing
Pond and Lagoon Liners Design
Research and Special Studies
Sinkhole Evaluation & Remediation
Slope/Retaining Wall Evaluation & Design
Soil Improvement Technologies
Soil-Structure Interaction
Subsurface Investigations
Slopes and Retaining Systems: Design, Evaluation, and Rehabilitation

According to the National Landslide Hazards Program (NLHP) administered by the USGS, landslides constitute a major geologic hazard because they are widespread and can be quite severe; they occur in all 50 states and U.S. territories and cause an average of $1 to 2 billion in damages each year. GeoStructures is experienced in the design, evaluation and rehabilitation of a full range of earth/rock slopes and retaining systems for transportation facilities, commercial sites, and residential developments. In addition to competency in traditional limit-equilibrium analysis, our strength in soil-structure interaction modeling and use of FEM enables us to gain a deeper understanding of complicated slopes and earth retaining systems.
In the area of retaining systems, our engineers were among the first in Pennsylvania (late 1980s) to design geogrid-reinforced retaining walls, structures commonly referred to today as mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls or segmental retaining walls (SRW). A summary of our capabilities in the design of slope and retaining systems follows.


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