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Lime and Cement Stabilization of Pavement Subbase and Subgrade


The oldest known use of lime as an agent of chemical subgrade stabilization was by the ancient Romans when building the Appian Way in 312 B.C. On modern highway projects, lime has been traditionally utilized as a construction expedience to safeguard clayey subgrade against potential softening due to rain. Such an approach, however, does not account for any of the strengthening effects in design. Our engineers were the first in Pennsylvania to overcome this shortcoming and incorporate the benefits of lime and cement stabilization into the pavement design of a major section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.



Lime improves the strength of clay by hydration, flocculation and cementation. The first and second mechanisms occur almost immediately upon introducing the lime, while the third is a prolonged effect. Our in-house expertise in lime and cement stabilization covers all aspects of the work from determining the mixture design proportion and assessing the strength gain with time to field implementation and testing. Highlights of key components follow:





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