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GeoStructures offers a wide range of professional services in the geotechnical engineering and construction monitoring fields. All of our work is backed by an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and practicality.

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Dams: Design, Evaluation, Rehabilitation, and Safety

Of the nearly 80,000 dams listed in the National Dam Inventory, about 10,000 are identified as high-hazard structures, which means their failure could result in loss of life, significant property damage, critical infrastructure disruption, or severe environmental damage. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2005 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, more than 3,500 of the high-hazard dams are unsafe and a staggering $10.1 billion would be needed over the next 12 years to address all of the critical non-federal ones. The Dam Safety and Security Act enacted by Congress in 2002 fosters coordination among the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and state dam safety programs. It mandates periodic inspection, maintenance, and monitoring of dams as well as Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) at all levels of government to deal with a potential catastrophe.



Our geotechnical engineers are qualified to inspect and evaluate dams under federal and state guidelines. In this capacity we have assisted owners with code compliance by performing computer-aided dam break and flood analyses, the results of which serve as the basis for an EAP. Past experience with the rehabilitation of earth and concrete dams has covered crest heightening, foundation design for new spillways and fish passageways, and enhanced downstream erosion protection. Most projects demand expertise in geotechnical instrumentation and interpretation of seepage, piping, drawdown, and stability conditions. Our ability to utilize the results of steady-state seepage (flow net analyses) as input to effective stress FEM is especially useful in this regard.



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